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The title of this piece sounds a little odd, doesn't it? Even if you are aware of the Schumann resonances, what could they possibly have to do with not only Telepathy, but EVP too? Stay with me here, please- I'll try to explain my thinking!

There are some thanks due here too, first and foremost- for the one who set me on this track of thought. His name may sound familiar..thanks Brandon Massullo for the initial considerations in "The Ghost Studies" which set me on the road to exploring this topic!


Energy, magnetic fields..these are something we live our lives surrounded by. They are also something we use as a means of communication. All popular forms of communication- think TV's, cell phones and radio- involve electromagnetic fields and the Earth's atmosphere. They work using radio waves for transmission.

The reason radio waves can travel around the globe is because they make use of the electrically conductive layer surrounding the Earth- the ionosphere. Without the ionosphere, we couldn't communicate via electrical devices and means, because radio waves would be blocked by solid objects.

When we tune in to a radio station, we are synchronising the frequency- the resonance- of our radio and its output, to match that of the station we are seeking.

So if everything living also has its' own resonant frequency, does the Earth have one too?

It does indeed- and the frequency of the Earth is called the Schumann Resonance. This is named after the physicist, Winfried Otto Schumann, who first predicted its existence mathematically in 1952, and it is now accepted as a fact by the scientific community.

Because the ionosphere is positively charged, and the Earth's surface is negatively charged, this causes electrical tension which is discharged in the form of lightning- over 1000 lightning strikes occur around the world every second, creating electromagnetic waves that travel throughout the ionosphere. These occur in an area in the ionosphere called the Schumann cavity. The Schumann resonances are due to these worldwide lightning discharges- they could be defined as being the "pulse of the Earth".

Scientific study has shown that electrical energy can travel around the world extremely quickly, and at extremely low frequencies, via the Schumann cavity, which surrounds the Earth and reaches from the ground to more than 50 miles (80.46 kilometres) up, to the inner edge of the ionosphere.

Nikola Tesla reported that it took 0.08484 seconds for an electric pulse sent from his laboratory to reach the other side of the planet and return, and this was of course made possible due to that pulse travelling through the ionosphere, and the Schumann cavity.

The Schumann resonances are constant, and although their frequency may vary slightly due to solar radiation and geomagnetic storms, they have one main baseline or resonant frequency. Funnily enough, this is the same resonant frequency as that of our own brains: 7.83 Hz.

Aside from resonating at the same frequency as our brains, it seems the Schumann resonance may also actually be important to our health . In one experiment, conducted by a professor at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioural Physiology, a group of student volunteers spent 4 weeks living in an underground bunker which screened out the (7-8 Hz) baseline Schumann frequency. During that course of time, the volunteers' circadian rhythms (sleeping and waking patterns) altered, and they also suffered migraine headaches, and emotional distress. When the Schumann resonance was re-introduced to the bunker, the health of the volunteers stabilised again.

So, now I've explained a little bit about the Schumann resonances, let's move on to what they could possibly have to do not only with Telepathy, but perhaps EVP too..


Let's go back to that "tuning a radio" analogy I used earlier. When we tune our radios, or our televisions for that matter, what we are essentially doing is matching the resonant frequency of our device with the resonant frequency that the station or channel we seek is broadcasting at. When that resonant frequency is matched we can listen to- or watch- information that reaches us, sometimes from the other side of the world, that has done so by its resonant frequency travelling through the ionosphere and the Schumann cavity, and its resonance.

So what if we could access, via similar means, the "information" that all our fellow human beings leave behind energetic traces of, from their thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences? And what if the Schumann resonance has something to do with that?

You might have heard of the Akashic Records before- these are considered, by those who believe in them, to be the (non-physical) location where all thoughts, feelings, and experiences that ever were and ever will be are stored.

H.H. Price, Welsh philosopher and writer, and two-time president of the Society for Psychical Research, proffered a similar idea in the 1940's when he theorised that thoughts and feelings were stored in what he termed the "psychic ether".

According to Price the psychic ether consists of images and ideas. He wrote that apparitions are actually memories from people, and that under the right conditions they can be seen as hallucinations, and that this hypothesis would explain where the memories would be stored for hauntings, as well as for clairvoyance, ghosts, and other types of paranormal phenomena.

Although those theories- Akashic Records and Psychic Ether -have different names, their principles are similar; that our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and memories- or rather the "information" left behind energetically by those, are stored non-locally, and are accessible if we can tune into their frequency.

If we were to look at that "non-local information storage" as being like a radio or television station, then using that analogy our minds would be the tuning controls, scanning through different frequencies until we are on the same resonant frequency as that of the stored, non-local information left behind by other minds.

Perhaps the Schumann resonance, using that same analogy, is the conduit- almost comparable to a satellite, enabling our tuning controls to locate and access that "information storage station".

However we may wish to look at it, there have been some studies conducted that I feel give weight to such thinking.

Dr. Michael Persinger (a cognitive neuroscientist, and one of the foremost researchers of the "God helmet" and its effects), amongst others, conducted a series of experiments on a self-proclaimed psychic by the name of Sean Harribance.

Harribance was tested by quite a few researchers, over the span of nearly 5 decades, and has shown a large degree of accuracy in his readings. Electroencephalographs (EEG's) were used in the experiments, in order to measure electrical activity in his brain.

Measurements taken via EEG's during times when Harribance was performing a "reading" (or gathering non-local information) on a person, showed consistency between the frequency over the right hemisphere of his brain, and the Schumann resonance. When Harribance was performing a reading, the 7 Hz frequency, (consistent with the Schumann resonance's baseline frequency), showed on the EEG monitors.

So, quite possibly, Harribance was tuning in to the Schumann resonance to access information!

Persinger also conducted a series of remote-viewing experiments on Ingo Swann, who was one of the people responsible for establishing a remote-viewing program for the C.I.A. a few decades ago.

I recently watched a fantastic 2011 lecture Persinger gave where he details not only some of the experiments conducted with Harribance, but also some of the experiments with Swann. In reference to his experiments with Swann he states: "Was he successful? Most of the time. However the degree of accuracy was related to the amount of 7 Hz activity over the right hemisphere of his brain. This is the same frequency the entire Earth generates."

This certainly has some pretty interesting implications, I think!

If everyone- past and present, leaves behind energy from our thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences, and thus leaves behind information, would being able to "tune in to" the Schumann resonance allow us to access that information, thus creating an extrasensory or telepathic event, which we might interpret as being a paranormal one? Given the studies conducted and their findings, I don't feel it's necessarily implausible!


Our thoughts, feelings, memories, and experiences emit and leave behind energy. This could possibly be stored in- or accessed via -the Schumann resonance...and energy of course contains information. And a large part of anything that relates to any of what I just mentioned- thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences- is of course to do with verbal interactions..words!

If indeed those thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences, and thus also any verbal interaction or vocalisation involved with those, add their traces to Price's "psychic ether"- (which could perhaps be the Schumann resonance, for my mind) -and if some of us are capable of tuning into the frequency of this ether, this storage location, then may we perhaps also have telepathic or extrasensory access to words and sentences left behind by others? After all, our words carry energetic weight too- just the same as our thoughts, feelings and memories do.

If we also take into account the possibility that we may be capable of projecting those same things- or perhaps accessing those of others and projecting them, non-verbally (psychically), onto an audio recording device- there's a few things to consider around that..if psychic projection is indeed possible, what may we actually be recording on our audio recording devices if we happen to capture an EVP? and where might the information be coming from?

Is it "radio bleed"? Intelligent communication with a surviving personality? "residual energy" as the Place Memory theory advocates?..or perhaps psychic projection of any information we may have gained by tuning into that " non-local information storage" via the Schumann resonance?

A little food for thought there- and if you're happy to share YOUR thoughts please do so- I'm interested in those, always!

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