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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I feel fairly confident in saying that almost everybody involved in Parapsychology or Psychical Research, be they properly trained or just a keen scholar like me, would acknowledge that experimentation is one of the cornerstones of this field, if not the most important one of all. I doubt the field would exist without it!

The first experiment I tried, I thoroughly enjoyed. I have no idea whatsoever as to the process involved in statistical analysis, but I saw some interesting correlations which made me keen to attempt another one!

After my Mother's unexpected death in 2019, I lost all desire or motivation to write- I had zero interest. Being at a very happy place in my life now, that enthusiasm has returned, and I find my head is full of ideas! I'll explain the aims, methods, equipment, and controls in just a goes, and I do hope you like my idea, friends!


I suppose there is really ony one aim, but I want to approach it from a few different angles. I'm aiming to see if distant or remote telepathy may be possible in several capacities- agent to receiver, receiver to reciever; a form of infectious telepathy, agent to assistant , or vice- versa, or assistant to the control group or vice-versa. As with any telepathic interaction ( or "spooky action at a distance", as someone sort of famous once said, there are a few avenues to explore! I do feel it's all about energy, frequency, and vibration, and intent too, and the fact that I am conducting this as an online experiment may help anyone taking part..after all, who knows what that ole' Schumann Resonance could do!

Now here comes the fun part..


This will be a 5 night experiment, and as I live in a tiny little country town in northern regional Victoria, Australia, the location suits this experiment completely!

My partner, Alex, will act as my assistant, and I as the agent.

Alex and I will select around 10 substances, most easy to recognise. Alex works as a bar manager downstairs, at the lovely old haunted hotel in town, and we live in an apartment upstairs (with hideous carpet, I might add!). Each night, after he finishes work, he will select one of 5 empty glass jars, which I have covered with black gaffer tape beforehand, and select a substance to put in it. I aim to make these substance fairly easy to recognise the smell of.

He will replace the lid, leave the jar elsewhere, and lead me to our bedroom, which is the furthest away room from the kitchen and toilet, where he will sit me on the bed and blindfold me with a thick black scarf. Alex will retreive the jar, bring it to me, and close the door, after which I will smell the contents.

I will then hand Alex back the jar, and he will replace the lid. I will remove the jar to another area where I will photograph the covered jar, and post it online, with the jar in the same spot each night, and the control group will message their impressions to my pages. I am including sharing it to my personal page in case anyone misses it, and the experiment will be conducted at the same time each night. And that's all, folks!

If I could ask one favour of you though, friends, it would be this; please cross your fingers for me, and for yourself if you take part, that Alex doesn't select the contents of our cat's litter dish!

See you soon, friends, my best as always!


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