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Updated: Oct 7, 2023

From left to right, top to bottom- Ashley Knibb, Wes Coleman, Mark Wallbank, Beth Darlington-Bailey, Bryan J. Williams, Brandon Massullo, Gary Sullivan, Cal Cooper, Christian Jensen Romer, The Three Tortured Souls (Kenny Biddle, Dave Schumacher, Tim Vickers) Lt. Greg Lawson, Steve Parsons, Jim Clauson, Morgan Knudsen, Allen Tiller, Patrick Bishop, Iain Gillespie, Kev Kerr, Sarah Chumacero, Tyler Scott Henderson, Loyd Auerbach, Craig Weiler, Urszula Wolski, Claire Davy, Randy Liebeck, Lisette Coly, Nancy L. Zingrone, Laith Muhammad al Azawe, Allison Jornlin, Justin Neville, Christina and Will Sargent, Emma Percey, Raven Vaitsis, Rachel Hayward

I started a podcast in July, tired of the undereducation that has been a thorn in the side of the Paranormal field for so long, and I have had some fantastic guests already. I'm honoured that they'd help me, and very grateful to all of them!

I'll add links to their websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, books and pages so you can see the amazing work they've all done to further education and progress in the field. I'm proud to be in their company and finally contributing although I've done nowhere nearly as much as some of them, and I'm proud and grateful to call them all friends, and gratitude, honour, respect, support and education are important to me, as they should be to anybody in their everyday lives. never stop learning, as Kenny Biddle says, and as do most of us but sadly not all- that's where my guests step in, and I'm here too now- finally.

They're in no particular order, and some have already dropped by for a chat. Some are old friends, and some are newer friends who have a fair bit in common as regards views whose work I find interesting, and with whom I get along well. I will keep you informed via my Facebook page when any guests have been scheduled to appear. I recently had a guest back out, which is actually okay with me as there is another situation going on and it's something I don't wish to be embroiled in especially when I don't know the specifics and to be honest, I don't want to know- I dislike politics in this field and remain neutral in my views unless it's about a topic or a person or group that are making a joke of the field, which I find offensive. I accord equal respect to each of my guests and do not prioritize the wishes of one over another, as they all deserve equal priority if they have a respectful approach and wish to learn as much as they can, which is what my newest guest does, and my other investigator guests do too. I'm hoping all investigators, and not just my investigator friends and guests will sign up for ASSAP training too- it's not a formal certification as that doesn't apply outside of England and Wales but ASSAP has some of the best educators in this field- you can see some in action on the YouTube channel too. Education and the willingness to learn and not remain stagnant are vital in my mind unless you're just in it for fun which is fine too but if you run a team or are in one, or are an owner or a guide of a group who are not certified it at least shows you're received some high-standard training. If you wish to apply you can email and the team will help you. Investigators, especially those who conduct private home or business investigations, I seriously urge you to do it!

My guests are all scientific sceptics, some very highly trained, and among them are two of the only paid Parapsychologists in the world. There's also a lecturer with a Psychology degree who studies the experiences of sports coaches and Paranormal Investigators- and I've added new guests as well, one is a written Q&A interview with an Iraqi Parapsychologist who has a fascinating job, and the other four will be fun and relaxed live chats, one with a dear friend who is like a brother to me, and another two with some lovely, smart, and funny new friends and now another three great investigator friends- one a solo Tasmanian investigator and the other two a married couple who run a team in Arkansas, and of course, I'll be asking others soon too- once I get a bit more writing done for the two magazines I now write for- the ASSAP magazine Seriously Strange and The Supernatural Magazine, and finish a couple of old pieces I started before my Mother died. Anyway, you'll see my newest guest's information and their photos in my gallery.

I'll add links to their websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, books, organisations and pages so you can see the amazing work they've all done to further education and progress in the field, which is vital in a day and age where the "para-celebs" and fluffy pages full of nothing but memes and no original content get more attention than the serious researchers and educators.

My guests (by photo order) are:

Ashley Knibb

Ashley was my second mentor, as he introduced me to Parapsychology, and is a writer for the S.P.R. and Haunted magazines. - he's a Paranormal Investigator, researcher, explorer, and psychical researcher, and author of "Supernatural Synchronicity" with another guest and fellow Australian, Sarah Chumacero, and another soon-to-be-released book about his time investigating the Royal Oak Inn, and he is the creator and sole writer at Ashley dropped by on the 22nd of August.

Wes Coleman

Wes is a Corrections Officer from Canada. He's lead investigator and creator of C.O.P.S., a paranormal team comprised entirely of investigators who work as Corrections Officers, which he has earned medals for his service to. He's also a public speaker and educator. (date T.B.A)

Mark Wallbank

Mark is a paranormal investigator, researcher, public speaker and educator from

New Zealand. He is the lead investigator and creator of Paranormal NZ/Haunted Auckland and the author of "Haunted Auckland", "Haunted New Zealand Road Trip", "Voices in the Walls", and "Talking To Shadows". (Date T.B.A.)

Beth Darlington-Bailey

Beth is an expat Australian who moved to England to get married. She is the creator of Access Paranormal which also has a Facebook page and Access Paranormal Learning Lounge. She has spoken at PARAMOOC, a parapsychology course run by the Parapsychology Foundation, and is speaking at the ASSAP "Seriously Strange" weekend conference soon too. She is also a public speaker educator, and solo investigator and is now on the executive committee at the SPR, she is a member of The Ghost Club. She has travelled to many different haunted locations across America, England, and of course Australia.

Beth drops by at 6 am AEST Monday the 9th of October /8 pm (Sun.) GMT/

4 pm (Sun.) EST.

Bryan J. Williams

Bryan will be conducting a Q&A written interview. He works at the Psychical Research Foundation, and you can find his research papers on Academia, and Scribd. He is also responsible for Random Number Generators as part of the Global Consciousness Project. He has also written a book, available through the Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research.

Brandon Massullo

Brandon wrote my favourite non-fiction book about the paranormal and Parapsychology, and one which changed my perspective on ghosts, "The Ghost Studies"

and has recently released a book, "Haunted Medina County, Ohio", about his current home town. he has a website, Haunted Theories and a Facebook page of the same name. He is a clinical therapist and did his dissertation on parapsychology at the Koestler Institute Parapsychology Unit in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has published research papers on Academia as well. (date T.B.A)

Gary Sullivan

Gary is my mentor into this field, but I call him Sensei. I think beer was involved there...

I first met Gary when I joined him for a one-night "stakeout" at the historic, and haunted Mitre Tavern in Melbourne. I went on to join him on a one-night investigation at J-Ward in Ararat which is an external ward of Aradale Asylum, which I've also spent the night at.

He is a 40-year veteran of the field, creator of his former team Paraquest, creator and lead investigator of Forever Haunted, and starred in "Haunted Australia" a Mystical Guides production, and the soon-to-be-released Chronicles:X, which I was also in an episode of at my beloved Old Castlemaine Gaol, (which is now an art gallery, sadly). Mystical Guides also has a Facebook page. Gary dropped by on the 9th of August.

Cal works at the University of Northampton, in England, where he is an Associate Professor and Lecturer of Psychology, and he also studied there. He is the author of "Telephone Calls from the Dead", co-author of "Conversations with Ghosts" with Alex Tanous, co-editor of "Paracoustics: Sound and the Paranormal" with Steve Parsons, and another book with Steve Parsons, soon to be released. He has also been on television and radio He has a website, Callum E. Cooper, is a public speaker and is on the board at the S.P.R and ASSAP. He is one of the only paid Parapsychologists in the world. He will be speaking at the upcoming S.P.R. conference too.

Christian Jensen Romer

Christian is Chairperson of A.S.S.A.P., the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, whose magazine "Seriously Strange" I am proud to write for.

He is a veteran investigator, has been a journalist, a paranormal consultant for television, has been interviewed on radio, and is an educator, trainer, and public speaker as well. He's a gamer too, and is releasing an RPG game guide called "A Bestiary of Enchanted England" and he loves cats, as I do- he has 3! (date T.B.A.). He spoke at the recent A.S.S.A.P. weekend too, along with a few of my other friends and guests.

The Three Tortured Souls

The 3TS are Kenny Biddle, Dave Schumacher, and Tim Vickers. Kenny works as a writer for the Center for Inquiry, for their magazine, The Skeptical Inquirer. The C.F.I. is a division of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and he hosts their Skeptic Zone podcast. He hosts two podcasts of his own, I Am Kenny Biddle, and it was either that or his other one I was on ages ago, talking about my time at the Old Castlemaine Gaol. The other one is called the Skeptical Help Bar, which also streams on YouTube. He is a public speaker and educator as well. Dave Schumacher studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and has a Facebook page, the ESPSI Center, and a website of the same name. He and his wife Jennifer are also co-hosts of a show on YouTube called PSI Chat. He recently published a research paper with Brandon Massullo too, and the 3TS wrote another themselves.

Tim Vickers doesn't have a page or a website, but is a highly trained statistical analyst, he took the course twice in fact! He joins Kenny and Dave on their podcast, and they're also extremely funny so be prepared to laugh! The boys dropped by on the 24th of August.

Greg has a Masters degree in Education. He describes himself in his bio as a soldier, sailor, airman, researcher, scholar, teacher, writer, musician, artist, traveller, and paranormalist, and a Volunteer instructor for Solar System Ambassadors, (must ask him what that is!), and he is Lieutenant at the Police water patrol in Georgetown, Texas- he's not a soldier, sailor, or airman any more! But he is all the rest! He practises martial arts still I think, in his spare time! he does still travel- quite a bit! He and his wife Lynn have traveled the world investigating haunted locations and taking photos, and he has a unique way of conducting investigations- he treats each reported haunting as the scene of a crime! He interviews witnesses and writes down their stories, and as he is extremely educated in the use of psychology he can tell if witnesses are lying, or under the influence of something, he examines the "scene" for clues, and of course writes a final report on the case, as that's what police officers do! He travels the United States speaking at paranormal conventions and if you click on the pictures within his profile pic, of all the podcasts he's part of, it will take you to their various sites too! He also hosts one of his own, The Paranormal Detective, which I was on once, talking about Australian ghosts, and he was on a long-ago, very short series of Facebook live chats I did when I was still quite awkward at hosting! He's written a fair few books too, 4 fiction and 5 non-fiction- his non-fiction books are "Detecting Paranormal" later revised as "How to be a Paranormal Detective", with a foreword by the late Rosemary Ellen Guiley. His other non-fiction books are "Diaries of a Paranormalist", "Roswell: The After Action Report", "Civil Service Success" and the recently released "Messages From Mothman", which discusses omens and premonitions. His fiction books are "Zombie Advocacy: Official USAS Management Guide", "The Disorient Express", and "The Carrion". Oh, and he plays guitar and sings in a band as well!

Greg drops by on Tuesday, October the 15th, at 7 am AEST /9 pm (Mon.) GMT/ 5 pm (Mon.) EST

Steve Parsons

Steve is on the executive council of the S.P.R. and is on the board at A.S.S.A.P. too. He has a Facebook page called Para Science, a podcast called Ghost Chronicles International with co-host Ron Kolek, (which I'm to be on soonish), he wrote the revised edition of the S.P.R. Guidance Notes for Investigators and "Ghostology: The Art of the Ghosthunter" and co-edited "Paracoustics: Sound and the Paranormal" with Cal Cooper. He's also a veteran paranormal investigator and researcher, has been on television, radio, and podcasts, and has spoken at the S.P.R. conferences. He spoke at the recent ASSAP weekend and was recently interviewed for Japanese television.

He'll be dropping by for 2 great chats on Tuesday the 10th and the 24th of October at 7 pm AEST/ 9 am (Monday) GMT / 5 am (Mon) EST

Jim Clauson

Jim is from Wales and is a war veteran, and also a veteran investigator at S.P.I.R.I.T Paranormal Research Laboratory and Paranormal Stalkers-TSP. He also moderates Southern Paranormal, has done public speaking events and is a keen scholar of Parapsychology. He teaches online Master's level classes in Engineering at California State University. (date T.B.A)

Morgan Knudsen

Morgan is a veteran, award-winning paranormal investigator, researcher and educator from Edmonton, Canada. She created Entity Seeker Paranormal Research and Teachings, an evolution of the Canadian Association for Psychical Research, and an award-winning educational program called Teaching the Living, has appeared on Haunted Hospitals and Paranormal 911, and her story featured on an episode of A Haunting. Her work has been presented at the Rhine Research Center and she graduated from the A.Z.I.R.E. Parapsychology course, run by Nancy Zingrone and her late husband Carlos Alvarado twice with distinctinons. She's a featured presenter at the Parapsychologological Association as well. She co-hosts a podcast called Supernatural Circumstances with crime writer Mike Browne, which also has a Facebook page, that can be found on many streaming services, and is a writer for Haunted magazine. She's a radio and television producer and has been interviewed many times, and can also be booked for public speaking events. Morgan is also the author, of 3 books; "Winter Legends and Lore", (with Chad Lewis), "The Gift of Instinct", and "Teaching the Living". She also spoke and ran tours at the recent Edmonton Paracon. (date T.B.A)

Allen Tiller

Allen is a veteran paranormal investigator, educator, and researcher who lives in Kapunda, South Australia. He is the creator of Eidolon Paranormal, and the author of 6 books- "Haunted Adelaide", "The Haunts of Adelaide" which also comes in a dyslexic and large print version, "Shades of Black" and the recently released "The Pirate Bushrangers", and "Haunted Salisbury". He starred in "Haunting; Australia" along with Robb Demarest, Rayleen Kable, Ian Lawman and Gaurav Tiwari. Allen also has a History degree and works as a librarian. (date T.B.A)

Patrick Bishop

Patrick is a dear friend and is a former college professor who currently works as a costumed history tour guide at the Mary Washington House. He is a veteran paranormal investigator and researcher who works alone, but is occasionally accompanied by his daughter Kara. Patrick is also a keen scholar of parapsychology. (date T.B.A)

Iain Gillespie

Iain is a veteran award-winning freelance journalist and film producer and was the man behind "Haunted" which was released in 1985 and featured reports of hauntings from 13 different locations across Australia. The production used a parapsychologist for an alternate perspective on ghosts, which I think was groundbreaking as parapsychology was relatively unheard of here at the time. He posted a clip from the documentary on the Australian Parapsychological Research Association Facebook page, which is how I got in contact with him originally. I'll be covering the locations in my first article, (which will be a small series now, as I have a lot more to tell you!). He also plays guitar in a blues band! Iain dropped by on the 14th of August.

Kev Kerr

Kev is a veteran paranormal researcher and consultant from England. He had a page called Pararationalise and is now the owner of Kev Kerr Paranormal. He's an educator and public speaker and spoke at the recent A.S.S.A.P. weekend. Kev dropped by on Tuesday the 3rd of October.

Sarah Chumacero

Sarah is a fellow Australian and is a paranormal investigator and researcher, the author of the "Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need to Know" books, and co-author of

"Supernatural Synchronicity" with Ashley Knibb she is the creator and writer at Living Life In Full Spectrum which has a Facebook page as well, she writes for Haunted and HallOzween magazines, and hosts paranormal tours at Black Rock House. (date T.B.A.)

Tyler Scott Henderson

Tyler is a newer and very nice friend and is not affiliated with a team, nor does he have a website. He is a keen scholar of philosophy and the paranormal, and we'll be discussing philosophical approaches to the paranormal.

Loyd Auerbach

Loyd is a veteran paranormal investigator, researcher, and also one of the only paid parapsychologists in the world, he has an MS in Parapsychology, studied at JFK University, and lectures at the Rhine Research Center. He is on the board at the Forever Family Foundation, owns a public speaking course called Speak As Yourself, is a fiction and non-fiction author, with 14 books to his name, which you'll find in the highlighted link, and those cover all aspects of the paranormal and ghosts, reincarnation, channelling, ESP, hauntings, poltergeists, psychic dreaming, and parapsychology, and his fiction books are "Afterlife: a Rainey/Daye investigation", and "Near Death", both of which he wrote with Rich Hosek and Arnold Rudnick. He has a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel called Ask Professor Paranormal, and is on the board of the Parapsychological Association. He owns the Office of Paranormal Investigation as well and is a journalist at the Paranormal Daily News. He is also a master chocolatier and owns Haunted by Chocolate. He dropped by to do Parapsychology 101 on the 16th of August.

Craig Weiler

Parapsychology journalist at the Paranormal Daily News with Loyd Auerbach, which covers hauntings, Parapsychology, famous cases such as the Slenderman, people such as Alastair Crowley, and more. We'll talk about the fascinating topics he and Loyd write about, and how he got his start in the field. (date T.B.A)

Urszula Wolski

Urszula is a Senior Lecturer (research methods), who did her Ph.D. at New Holloway University in England, and currently lectures at Buckinghamshire New University, she is a former lecturer at Northampton University, she's also an independent researcher, consultant, and trainer, and has a survey she'd like to share; which studies the experiences of sports coaches. She studies the experiences of Paranormal Investigators also, and is a member of The Ghost Club.

Claire Davy

Claire is the Secretary of A.S.S.A.P. and works with C.J., and we'll chat about what got her interested in the paranormal, her background in the field, her work at A.S.S.A.P., her experiences, and lots more. (date T.B.A)

Randy Liebeck

Randy has been sought out by television, radio, universities, and Parapsychological research organisations, as well as individuals seeking help. He is a researcher, writer and affiliated Parapsychology field investigator at the Office of Paranormal Investigation, is the U.S. representative for the spontaneous cases committee of the S.P.R., N.J. state representative of the Ghost Research Society, he maintains supporting affiliations with the Rhine Research Center and the Parapsychology Association and is a member of A.S.S.A.P. and the historic Ghost Club, has been a consultant on television for "Sightings", "Unsolved Mysteries", "Dead Famous", and "Ghost Stories EVP" and on French television also. He has had his casework featured in several books, has written for "Fate", and "Unknown", and has been written about in New Scientist, and others. He designed and taught a course at St. John's University and Bergen Community College, and he has completed multiple parapsychology courses at the Koestler Institute, the A.Z.I.R.E., the Rhine Education Center, the H.C.H and others, he has been interviewed on radio and podcast dozens of times and can be reached at He works in Law Enforcement and is a highly decorated officer in New Jersey (date T.B.A)

Lisette Coly

Lisette is the granddaughter of world-renowned medium Eileen J. Garrett, President of the Parapsychology Foundation, and creator and owner of Supernormal Legacy. A book about her Grandmother, "Call Me Lucifer: Dialogues With A Noble Stranger" has been released through Afterworlds Press, and another "My Life As A Search For The Meaning Of Mediumship" is soon to be released. She and I will talk about our childhood and

our experiences growing up related to a trance medium, as my Mum was also a trance medium. (date T.B.A)

Nancy L. Zingrone

Nancy and her late husband Carlos Alvarado created the A.Z.I.R.E. research foundation

and she runs the fantastic PARAMOOC Parapsycho;ogy courses, which are held in a virtual world this year as VWMOOC23. She is a research fellow at the Parapsychology Foundation, which has a Psychic Explorer's Club and was an online educator for the Rhine Research Center, and former Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors there. (date T.B.A)

Laith Muhammad Al Azawe

Next, and one of my new additions and newer friends, is Laith Muhammad Al Azawe, who studies the use of PSI in athletic performance and ability. He is a member of the Iraqui Olympic Committee and is also a Parapsychologist who uses his own PSI abilities to aid athletes and enhance their abilities as well. He's an Expert of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO/GREEN), a freelance scientist, a scientist at Scientists For Future (S4F), a member of the Iraqui Inventors and Innovators Society (IIIS), a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), a professional member of the Parapsychology Association (PA) and a contributing member of the Sports, Energy and Consciousness Group. He's been interviewed in Smashwords, the Cassandra Frost Collection, which spans a decade of remote viewing, intuition and consciousness research, and is in the current edition of Eight Martinis, a remote-viewing publication, which has received a compliment from one of the remote-viewing greats, Ingo Swann, who was part of Project Stargate, funded by the U.S. Military, and he was also in chapter 12 in her book and has been interviewed and written about by acclaimed Swiss mentalist and psychic remote viewer Martin Zoller in a German language book and interviewed by him for his newsletter too.

He will be doing a written Q&A interview shortly, as will Bryan J. Williams.


Next, bar my newest guest but only until I gather some "fresh brains" for you all, is my dear friend Justin Neville, a long-term investigator, and creator of Southern Paranormal Hunters, and he is soon to form a new two-person team. He has spent time in some well-known locations and he is a former U.S. Army Sergeant who lives with his wife Mary in Hohenwald, Tennessee. (date T.B.A)


Allison is a Fortean writer and public speaker and created and owns several Ghost Walks walking tours around America. originally started in Wisconsin, she has expanded

the tours to include California, Illinois, Minnesota, Hawaii, New Orleans, Maine and even down to Puerto Rico! you'll find each destination in the link above. She has two YouTube channels, one devoted to Paranormal Women and the other to Mothman and you can find her on Facebook and Twitter as well. She is a former school teacher and has a degree in English Literature. (Words! words are good things!) (Date T.B.A)


Christina and Will are long-term investigators and researchers, creators and team leaders of Old Fort Paranormal Research, and it's great to see her studying a bit of parapsychology too- I introduced her and Will to that with Brandon Massullo's incredible book, which I have bought and sent a few copies of to friends in the field. She and Will live in Arkansas and are yet another two I consider family as I've known them for years now. We'll chat shortly as well, and we'll definitely discuss experiments as I introduced her to era cues a fair few years ago- and you all know how fond I am of them!

(date TBA)


Emma is a solo investigator and researcher from Tasmania, and she has investigated the Hobart Penitentiary and some other interesting but obscure old houses, including one that was formerly used as part of Willow Court Asylum. She's a keen student and has a respectful approach to the paranormal, and we've shared great adventures here and in Tasmania together. She is due to appear on a few overseas podcasts soon too and is a funny, kind weirdo who I've known for years now (date T.B.A)


Raven is the founder and owner of Paranormal Adventures Australia and has been in the field for a while now. She's an Investigator and researcher and runs tours at the stunning Shamrock Hotel in Bendigo, and the Moorabbin Air Force Base, now a Museum. P.A.A. has a website, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel as well. She is a spiritual/angelic healer and a scholar of Demonology, has been in one of our major newspapers and in some of our magazines too, and was on Sunrise- a morning show on Channel 9 Australia. She has been investigating the paranormal for 28 years, but has only been in the public eye for 6 years. She wrote a book called Quest Of The Unknown and you can buy it through her page, and she has another page called Raven's Den, devoted to her other Paranormal and Demonology writing. (date T.B.A)


Rachel is a longtime Paranormal investigator, Consultant and Educator. She has a great page, Researchers Of Paranormal Events and considers herself to be an open-minded sceptic. She has a wonderful approach to the Paranormal and spoke about something she calls Project Genesis- a group of open-minded Investigators with a similar approach to the field who would collaborate and work together- and she mentioned an experiment that sounds really interesting too! Oh...and she grew up in a haunted house, Lock House, and you can buy a book about her experiences- I will be for sure!

(Date T.B.A)

And there they are- my amazing guests (for now at least), and I'm extremely grateful for their contribution, to this podcast and the paranormal community and proud of how far some have come too, as they seek to learn and progress and move beyond just a ghost hunter! Their drive, passion, and contribution to the field have inspired me to contribute more as well!... You may have noticed I'm also adding investigator friends, and I will ask the same questions to a degree with all my guests. This is because we've all had different paths and have different stories to tell as to how we got here, and they will all give different answers even to the same questions. I just have to learn to pipe down and listen sometimes- as you may have noticed!...

I'll still keep the link to Sharmaine's group Tasmania's Most Haunted as she and her guides do a great job and Willow Court is an amazing location, as are her other locations which you'll find in the link- she grew the business after she bought it from Craig Bloxsome (who still owns Australia's Most Haunted), and I wish her every success, and she's doing her best to educate her guides in the history, and the proper use of gadgets too- and speaking of which, if you read Ghostology you'll discover handy uses and features on your phones, and Steve Parsons uses his iPhone 14 quite a bit for ghost hunting too- buy the book as it is essential if you want to know what gadgets can and can't do!

I hope to see you in chat for all of these, and my new open microphone nights which I have decided to hold on Tuesdays as they're quite ordinary, maybe boring evenings for some, and I hope to bring you more guests too- I wish to keep paying it forward- and there is so much to learn and hear about from them! Also, if you're interested in the work of my ASSAP guests and fellow members, Kristian Lander has worked very hard and has tweaked and organised our YouTube channel where you can watch some of them in action! And by the way, my grateful thanks to any new followers and of course to those who have been here a while. I have very few but I never expected to get as many as I have- and I have no idea which of my pages you come from so on behalf of myself, Cat In The Shadows, and Spirit Paranormal Investigations, my team of almost 20 years now (through various incarnations), my eternal thanks to you! And to my supporters Steve Parsons, the SPR, Greg Lawson, Haunted Theories, Allen Tiller, and also to Allen for his help with research if I get stuck Likewise to Iain for sending me the script for "Haunted", and of course Mark Wallbank (Paranormal N.Z./Haunted Auckland), Ashley Knibb, Lisette Coly of the Parapsychology Foundation any others who have shared my writing as I attempt to step further out and contribute, and my friends and the fantastic execs at ASSAP and to Norie Miles for having me aboard at The Supernatural Magazine. I promise to do the best I can to contribute quality writing to both of your magazines and to continue as Cat In The Shadows for any who visit my site too.


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