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That was deliberate- I adore Ghostbusters and so do many people. I'm also a fan of cheesy 80's music and movies, but definitely not 80's fashion! Why I deliberately rearranged the lyrics and added a question mark is to illustrate a point- that often people absolutely expect to see, feel or maybe hear a ghost on a tour, and communicate with one through their "flashy-beepy things" as I call them, and are disappointed when they don't, and complain about it to the owners of tour companies. Ridiculous isn't it- but I read a post containing photos that Kenny Biddle shared, an invitation by the owner of a reputedly haunted mansion to spend the night there and the owner's guarantee that Kenny would experience something during his stay. Ermm...nope...not right pal.

Ghosts don't perform on cue- they aren't trained monkeys and can't eat peanuts!

I also read two articles as well which got me thinking- one by Kenny for the Skeptical Inquirer Magazine about the history of the Estes Method, which is a sensory-deprivation experiment involving the use of a Spirit Box which has been around a while, and another from Astonishing Legends hailing it as- get this- groundbreaking. Yeah, I know, no need to tell me how far the author strayed into Wrongsville there- the Newkirks changed the name as they used the experiment at Estes Park in Colorado. Robb Demarest changed Era Cues to Singapore theory as he experimented with them in Singapore. There are other similar experiments such as the Ganzfeld, the CIA even released a study on it.

I was talking about it to a friend the other day as well, but what I'm leading to is that these claims- that we will definitely experience ghosts on a tour or while using devices are false and misleading, and leave some people disappointed that there ain't no ghost, or perhaps sceptical of the claim of there being a ghost which led them to the location in the first place. There is in my mind the possibility we may be communicating with a ghost through some devices, and it's why Instrumental Trans-Communication exists.

A nice new friend of mine, Tom Butler and his wife Lisa do some interesting work with it at the ATransC- The Association TransCommunication- you can read their White Paper on it here and a paper by Danielle Gulla on Computer-Based Analysis Of A Supposed Paranormal Voice here. I've had one or two WTF moments with gadgets here and there that have made me wonder- but there's also the possibility of Psychic Projection too- I wrote about it years ago- the hypothesis that our own expectations and desires can be externalised in the form of energy and it can affect electrical items other than ghost hunting devices too. There was a Russian woman in the employ of the Military named Nina Kulagina who could stop a frog's heart from beating- her information is in the PSI Encyclopedia, and it shows our energy can affect living things too. I doubt you'll be killing frogs on ghost tours but we can have an effect on gadgets- and we can create our own ghosts too- The Philip Experiment is one of the most well-known but we can create Vardogrs, and Tulpas- I wrote about those in the link to the Philip Experiment. We can create Poltergeists too, and I explored the cause of RSPK in the Priesthood as being sexual frustration, which does make a great deal of sense- they can't have sex, and if they did want to they'd be pretty frustrated they couldn't do anything about it! But I digress. I do that a bit. My point is you needn't be afraid that there are no ghosts, just that you may not always experience them or talk to them via your devices. And no matter what you are told, there are no guarantees! Caveat Emptor, folks- buyer beware!

Cat Ward

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